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I didn't sign up for Talent 6. My aspiring daughter did with her credit card we gave her for her college expenses. Can't get them to stop charging us the $34.90 each month. My daughter called and cancelled twice with them, but never bothered to remind her parents. Checked the 2009 year end summary statement and they billed us every month.

So, lesson #1. Don't give your kid a credit card for college.

Lesson #2. Watch your credit card bill each month and scrutinize it for a rip off company by the name of Talent 6

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I posted a Craigslist ad looking for a singer.Talent6 found the listing and put it on their website and proceeded to charge people to see it.

I imagine folks were probably quite disappointed when they paid the fee and then logged in, only to see a call for a singer for 3 songs for a hundred bucks in a Masonic Hall in a small town in Maine.Don't pay for something you can already get for free by doing a simple internet search.

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